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“Meredith Crawford has successfully taken something with a very definitive shape, and made it seem shapeless. Historically speaking, that kind of dreamy musical witchcraft has only been successfully accomplished by the likes of timeless wonder-women like Patsy Cline, Stevie Nicks, or the queen: Aretha Franklin; herself.”

-John Grigsby, Independent Music Journalist

Sitting in church surrounded by strangers, Meredith found herself singing at a young age in the crowd. It was a humble way to be introduced to music, but it was pure. She found people weren't so much strangers anymore when you sang with them. Soon after picking out harmonies from the pew, she found herself touring the Texas Opry circuit by the age of 16, but it wasn't until she got a guitar in her hands and a lyric up her sleeve that she found her true passion, songwriting.

She had her eye set on Music City after graduation, but life dealt her a different hand, unexpected and unplanned, when she walked the stage to receive her diploma five months pregnant. Setting off into motherhood, she settled into being a single mom, but the lyrics never went away. Lessons learned don't come cheap and neither did the songs.

​With the hard years to show for it, Crawford has created a distinctive style that connects with listeners all around the world with her soul-stirring songs and moving lyrics. She combines the raw energy of songwriting with a storyline driven through music that pours from the rich depths of her influences and upbringing. Her songs have an empathetic tone that draws listeners into a world of profound reflection and unabashed vulnerability. A dynamic musical environment is created by the blending of electric guitar riffs and acoustic melodies, capturing the essence of her artistic vision.

The profundity of Crawford's music is further enhanced by the genuineness and passion in her voice. Her vocals seem to have the capacity to reach one's very core, stirring up a vast spectrum of emotions. Her skill as a lyricist, which captivates listeners and leaves them wanting more, allows her to portray complicated emotions through her songs.

She stands out as a true original in a world overrun with generic musicians, distinguishing herself from the competition. Crawford invites us to delve into the depths of our own emotions with each note she plays and each word she sings. It is understandable why she has developed a passionate fan base that eagerly awaits her upcoming musical endeavors.






Meredith can read a room like the writing on the wall. There's a time and place for every song, whether it's an original or a cover and her performances exhume that very need for every venue she plays. 

Her greatest love to share with people is her story as it relates to the songs she has crafted for human connection, but she loves to connect to people through the tried and true songs that changed the course of history as well. Namely, her influences are drawn from music between the 1960's through the early 2000's focused on Country, Folk, Rock, Pop, & Motown. Meredith's focus is always on the song and the human connection it can bring to a room.






When spoken in a Texan accent, the words “soil” and “soul” basically become homonyms, and it may be no coincidence that those two things (admittedly, in a very simplified way) are what make up singer-songwriter Meredith Crawford’s music


Chandler-born Meredith Crawford’s new, second solo CD begins with a song she didn’t want to write about a person she didn’t like. The tall, red-haired singer-songwriter with the penetrating voice delivers lyrically meaningful, often wistful originals on "Transit."



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